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What is solar thermal?

Solar thermal is the specialist term for heat produced using solar energy. Thermal collectors convert sunlight into heat which is used for hot water, for auxiliary heating or for heating swimming pools. It may also be used to heat air directly using hot air collectors.

What is photovoltaic?

Photovoltaic (photo = light, volt = unit of electrical voltage) is the specialist term for electricity produced using solar energy. Photovoltaics concerns the direct conversion of sunlight into electric current using solar cells.

What is wind generators ?

s an equipment that uses the speed of the wind for producing electricity

We quote you the legislation and the framework for the installation of renewable energy sources in Cyprus.

Our sources are the Energy Service of the Republic of Cyprus,
This year’s application period has started since the beginning of August and it is important that you submit your applications quickly. This is because from September, when we will return to normal, a large volume of applications and overload of the state services that issue the relevant permits are expected. The sooner you submit your application, the better !!!
There have been small changes compared to last year’s plans, so it is good to study the regulations well. What we know about this year is that in relation to the taxation of your RES income, only the one-time grant of 40% or 55%, is not taxed.   

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