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The company offers reliable integrated solutions for any energy need throughout the free Cyprus. Is studied application for each individual case and evaluated all the data to maximize efficiency.


- Houses away from the network you want smooth operation under any weather conditions,
- Investors have roofs or roofs of houses and factories are interested in income
- Companies, individuals interested in solar thermal, photovoltaics, wind,
- Rent premises, real estate for those who wish to invest themselves in renewable energy but want a respectable annual fee income
- Offer guarantees and maintenance contracts based on long-5, 10, 15, 20 years.


Photovoltaic systems generally do not require any maintenance, especially those who do not have moving parts. A regular washing with water to leave.
dirt from the birds and the powder is needed. They can be placed on terraces, rooftops, roofs of factories, fields, yards and anywhere.
09.00πμ sunlight between 15.00 pm and from the initial investment in your state return for 55% and buy your produce with the € 0.22 Kwh, or not grant you the maximum price of € 0.28 per Kwh. A system of 20 kwp can give you time income € 8.000-12.000. Shelf life of photovoltaic modules 45-50 years. Our company offers a factory warranty for performance frameworks in 10 years more than 92% of the odds and 25 years more than 82%

Solar thermal systems

The use of solar energy for heating saves energy for this purpose by 70-75%. You have hot water and heating 24 hours in 24 hours. Given 10 years.
factory warranty, no state sponsorship and 55% in these systems. The solar water heaters are manufactured under the strictest international standards in Kypro.I outer lining of aluminum, fiberglass and insulated copper collector ensure flawless operation for a lifetime.
The manufacturing company we have CE Marking, ISO 9001.


A renewable energy systems are often called upon to provide energy during the winter, especially on winter nights. In this case, are better suited to hybrid systems, which consist of photovoltaic modules and small wind turbines.

The main use of small wind turbines is the generation of electricity during the day with clouds, so the PV modules do not perform the maximum power. A hybrid system has a stable performance during the year.

Useful Information

Here you can find a list of articles that will help you understand what is all about


Energy is becoming more expensive year on year - this is reaffirmed every time we order heating oil or buy petrol.

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Solar impacts more than just electricity generation. Solar technologies are shaping our present and future.
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