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At Aristoklia Solar ltd, our vision is to renew Cyprus economy through solar energy. Solar is not only the nation fastest growing renewable energy source, but a vital part of our country’s economic recovery. Whether you are an energy consumer or an energy producer it is time to learn about the benefits of solar and how to join the solar economy. We at Aristoklia Solar have been dedicated for 21 years in making that statement come true. Our systems are in use in thousands of homes and businesses all over the world, providing heating, hot water, warming swimming pools or generating electricity. With our partners from Europe,USA, Germany and China we are able to give complete high tech power systems. Our materials are of high standards and have all the quality certificates (TUV, CE, IEC, ISO 9001). Our panels can quarrantie a minimum 92% output for 10 years and 82% for 25 years! We can show you how to improve your quality and standard of living by reducing your utility bills, providing an uninterruptible source of power or extending the use of your recreational facilities, whether that be a swimming pool or a recreational vehicle. Using the new eco LED lamps you can make up to 90% reduction on your electricity bills. The LEDs is the technology that it will replace everything in the few years time. With 50000 hours shelf life is the ultimate solution for all the existing and new buildings.


Houses away from the network you want smooth operation under any weather conditions, Investors have roofs or roofs of houses and factories are interested in income Companies, individuals interested in solar thermal, photovoltaics, wind, Rent premises, real estate for those who wish to invest themselves in renewable energy but want a respectable annual fee income

Our Products

1. Photovoltaic systems
2. Hydro Generators
3. Wind Generators
4. Hybrid Systems
5. Inverters
6. LED lamps
7. Solar pumps
The Solar panels on the lawn
Solar panels on the lawn
The Solar panels on the lawn
solar panels city at china

Energy is becoming more expensive year on year - this is reaffirmed every time we order heating oil or buy petrol.

Photovoltaic (PV) is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells for energy by converting...

Solar thermal is the specialist term for heat produced using solar energy. Thermal collectors convert sunlight into heat...

Solar impacts more than just electricity generation. Solar technologies are shaping our present and future.

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