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Grid-Connected Systems

These systems are connected to the electrical grid, and the output from the photovoltaic panels is fed directly into it. There is no need for battery storage! The government either pays a standard amount per kWh for this electricity or utilizes "net metering," which combines the consumption and production of energy in a single invoice. If you have a roof or space available, setting up a grid-connected system is one of the best investments you can make today!

Off-Grid systems

Off-grid (autonomous) solar systems provide a self-sufficient, eco-friendly energy solution for those looking to power their homes or businesses without relying on traditional utility providers. These systems are comprised of solar panels, a charge controller, a battery bank, and an inverter, working in harmony to harness and store energy from the sun for later use. As an alternative to fossil fuels, off-grid solar power offers a sustainable, renewable energy source that significantly reduces carbon emissions and promotes energy independence. By embracing this innovative technology, users not only contribute to the global fight against climate change, but also enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs and increased resiliency during power outages.

Solar Tracking Systems

Solar trackers are tracking systems designed to optimize the performance of solar panels by ensuring they are continuously oriented toward the sun throughout the day. By following the sun's movement across the sky, solar trackers help maximize the energy output of a solar power system, increasing its overall efficiency by approximately 30-45% . You can see some examples below:

Useful Information

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Solar impacts more than just electricity generation. Solar technologies are shaping our present and future.
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