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grid connected

are the systems that are connected to the grid and the output from the photovoltaic panels goes directly to the grid. No need for batteries for storage ! The Goverment either pays for this amount of electriicty a standard amount per kwh, or with the "net metering" what is consumed is summed with what is produced in one invoice ! If you have roof or place to set up one grid connected system is he best investment of money today !

autonomous systems

are the systems that are not connected to the grid, at least not directly. Batteries are needed for storage of the electricity during the day and use it during the night or days with not enough sun. The batteries add to the total cost about 35% and if used properly can be usefull for as many as 15 years. Proper use of batteries mean that in a usual every day cycle (even with the deep cycle special solar batteries), we do not use more than 50% of the battery power.

Solar Tracking Systems

are systems that use a special sun tracking device. This special mechanism adds 30-40% more output than the traditional fixed can find below some examples

Usefull Information

Here you can find a list of articles that will help you understand what is all about


Energy is becoming more expensive year on year - this is reaffirmed every time we order heating oil or buy petrol.

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Why Solar Energy?

Solar impacts more than just electricity generation. Solar technologies are shaping our present and future.
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