AFPA Solar
Energy is becoming more expensive year on year - this is reaffirmed every time we order heating oil or buy petrol. Whether it is greenhouse effect, global warming or scarcity of resources: everything indicates that even with the environmental aspects, the price spiral continues upwards - and there is no end in sight.

The energy efficiency of each individual will ultimately be decided by how long the resources last. Therefore, everyone should check how to adapt their building or their behaviour to changed circumstances.

Investments that pay off
Saving energy or even generating energy with AFPA SOLAR products pays off. Above all, when it comes to energy saving, AFPA SOALR offers solutions which provide direct financial payback e.g. with  thermal heating for homes. With solar installations on your own building or in the garden you can just as easily generate energy in the form of electricity (photovoltaic) or hot water (solar thermal) and after with state grants

Here you can find a list of articles that will help you understand what is all about


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